The projects start with the very basic project of lighting a single LED and progress to more complicated ones using additional sensors and much more code.   However, the goal is to keep them relatively brief and minimize the the complexity of the wiring.  Ideally, the code will be typed in from the book as a way to gain a bit more familiarity with the Arduino IDE as well as the functionality built into the base libraries.  At the same time it is understood that typing in an finding typos can be a tedious process.  The reduce that effort the code for each of the projects in the kit is available via the following links.  Please refer to the wiring diagrams for each project in the user’s guide.

Caution:  When building the projects, the Teensy LC should not connected to the computer via the USB cable while connecting any of the wires or components. It is also a good idea to always double check the connections before connecting to the computer. Incorrect connections can damage the Teensy LC or the components.