Getting Started

Teensy LC

The microcontroller used in the kit is a Teensy LC.  This microcontroller is compatible with the Arduino development environment, but it does require the installation of a plugin to the Ardiuno software.  Both the plugin and the Arduino IDE software are free and can downloaded by clicking on the following links.

Install the Arduino IDE.

This is the development environment that will be used for the projects in this kit. Download the version for your computer here:

Get the Arduino IDE

Install the Teensyduino plugin

Download and install the Teensyduino plugin. Install the USB driver if prompted. It can be downloaded here:

Install the Teensyduino plugin

Connect the Teensy LC

Plug in the USB cable to the Teensy LC and then connect the USB cable to your computer. Important: Remove the anti-static from from the Teensy LC before connecting the USB cable to the computer.

Start Arduino

Launch the Arduino IDE. Select Teensy LC as the board type from the Tools Menu. Then in the Tools Menu, select the COM port that will be used for displaying messages from the sketches in this kit. Usually it will be assigned a number greater than two ( e.g. COM3 ).

Create a new project File –> New

Type in the code from this book.

When you are ready to run your sketch. Click on the Upload button on the toolbar.